THE Suspension Review Thread


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Jul 10, 2008
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Oakley, CA
Brand & model:O4-07 Acura TL Manual Trans Rear Swaybar
Price paid and from where:About 38$ from CurryAcuraParts4Less
Pros: Understeer GREATLY reduced. Completely different ride.
Cons: Had to bend center exhaust hangar to fit sway bar.
Final verdict: Despite the minor convenience with the exhaust hangar, it was definitely worth the money and the overall ride became more excellent!


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Jan 6, 2007
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Tee Dot Ohh
Brand & model: Koni Yellows w/ Eibach Sportlines

Price paid and from where: $500Cdn - Yellows, BNIB and $200Cdn - Sportlines, BNIB. Purchased both from TAC members.

Pros: Great suspension setup for shock/strut/spring combo. Adjustable perches are a plus as well. Gives a significant drop, approx. 2" all around. Lifetime Warranty on Yellows.

Cons: Not the most agressive setup, would have to go with coilovers to get a more aggressive drop

Final verdict: Would recommend this setup to anyone who does not want to go the full coilover route yet still wants a significant drop and a comfortable ride.


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Sep 21, 2008
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Brand & model: Function & Form Type 1 Coil-Overs
Price paid and from where: $535 Shipped from Mista_jC on 6ga.
Pros: Pretty stiff, but not overkill. They go CRAZY low. Perfect DD coilovers.
Cons: No damper adjustability. And I would like it to be a bit stiffer, but that's JMO.
Final verdict: They are very good quality coilovers. And at a very good price. Your best choice if your just want to slam your car. And don't care too much for performance.


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Mar 3, 2009
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Los Angeles
Brand & model: Function & Form Type 1 coilovers
Price paid and from where: $560 from the homie at M1
Pros: handles GREAT, pretty stiff, easy installation and not too hard to adjust the heights. capable of slamming your ride, or going 4x4 (if you wanna look h0m0)
Cons: same as above, no damper adjustability. its weird at times it seems REALLY stiff, and other times, it seems just perfect. other than that, none really..
Final verdict: very good coilovers. best bang for your buck type of thing. good quality, inexpensive..simply, it just COILOVERS..doesnt get any better than that..

Brand & Model: Tein H Techs Springs
Price paid and from where: around $130-140 from F23AJDM
Pros: Fairly decent drop, about 1.35 I believe. Very close to OEM ride quality, comfortable.
Cons: wasnt low enough for me.
Final Verdict: VERY COMFORTABLE for dd. gave it a nice subtle drop, but i just wanted to go lower..I was happy with them, but now they are up for sale (check FS thread or hit me up haha)


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Aug 30, 2008
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Brand & model: Koni Yellow struts
Price paid and from where: $240ish used from member
Pros: Has adjustable Dampening, Factory lifetime Warranty, Is basically the best strut made for our car
Cons: None!
Final verdict: If you're looking for the best canyon set up koni yellows and ground controls are what you need.

Brand & model: Eibach Ground Control Coilover Sleeves
Price paid and from where: $380 from gen5alive
Pros: Height Adjustable and up to 3.5inch drop/ still and doesn't have the problem of too much rebound which a set of coilovers would in the canyons
Cons: None!
Final verdict: If you're looking for the best canyon set up koni yellows and ground controls are what you need.

Brand & model: Progress 24mm Rear Sway Bar
Price paid and from where: $115 through group buy
Pros: Stiffest sway bar made for our cars
Cons: none!
Final verdict: best rsb available for our cars

Brand & model: Neuspeed Front Strut Bar
Price paid and from where: $75shipped from member on v6p
Pros: solid bar design that is incredibly stiff
Cons: None!
Final verdict: paired with the oem cl-s bar it makes the stiffest strut bar combo

Brand & model: Oem CL-S StrutBar
Price paid and from where: $40 shipped from member on acurazine
Pros: Amazingly stiff strut bar
Cons: None!
Final verdict: Paired with the neuspeed strut bar makes the best strut bar combo.

Brand & model: Moog Endlinks
Price paid and from where: $40 shipped from
Pros: Much thicker than Oem endlinks for less $
Cons: None so far
Final verdict: If you get an after market sway bar buy these instead of using oem endlinks

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Sep 20, 2006
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Price paid and from where: Free from a buddy of mine.
Pros: Lowered my car initially!
Cons: Rode like **** after two weeks of driving on them.
Final verdict: I would not recommend them to anyone. They were terrible. Super stiff for about two weeks and then my sturts blew up into a million pieces. After that they were just super bouncy.


Brand & model: Tein SS
Price paid and from where: $1000 + tax at
Pros: Lowers the car a fair amount, rides smoothly, pretty good quality for the money.
Cons: Would like lower ride height, monotube shocks with separate adjustment spindle, stiffer springs with more aggressive valving (basically Tein Mono Flex haha).
Final verdict: Great for daily driving and some spirited driving, but there are other coilovers out there that will do a better job in the performance area. Overall though, the quality is higher than most Taiwanese craptastic pieces that people buy, and I have no complaints. I've been riding on these for five years now, and none of them are blown.


Brand & model: Function Form Type II
Price paid and from where: $825 picked up from them directly, through a group buy on V6P.
Pros: Absolutely slammed my car, looked pretty (I liked the red).
Cons: Poorly valved, lack of quality control, staff is not knowledgeable, adjustment knob did absolutely nothing.
Final verdict: Where to begin... First of all, Function Form's quality control is absolute GARBAGE and I will never buy another one of their ****ty coilover systems ever again. I was the only member out of the group buy who's top mounts fit. My shocks were extremely underdampened and as a result, the ride was bouncy. Not only that, the upper control arms constanly smacked the strut towers due to their poor valving (and my ride height). The staff was not knowledgeable in what they sold, and could not help me in trying to figure out why they felt so soft, even on their stiffest setting. After giving me NO insight on how they were valved, or anything that gave me the slightest hint that they knew what they were talking about, I told them to basically **** themselves and sold them. They were on my car for a month. I sold them for $675, meaning I lost $150 over the course of a month to "try" a new suspension system. Definitely wasn't worth my time, money, and headaches... But you live and learn I suppose. I would HIGHLY DISCOURAGE anyone from purchasing another Function Form coilover system. It was by far, my worst "investment" I ever spent my hard earned dollars on.



Brand & Model: Tein SS coilovers + One spring seat removed from each front coilover [same set as I originally had]
Price paid and from where: I never sold them.
Pros: Lowered my car a tiny bit more in the front, otherwise the same.
Cons: Same as before.
Final verdict: Same as before. Been going strong for five years!




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Mar 17, 2009
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Saratoga/San Jose CA
Brand & model: Acura rear swaybar
Part numbers:
52300SEPA11 (bar)
52306SEPA11 (Bushings, need 2)
52308S3MA00 (Brackets, need 2)

Price paid and from where: $38.84 shipped,

Huge improvement in handling. Body roll reduced, ride stiffness increase hardly noticeable. Understeer greatly reduced, only occurs now through sharp turns without as gas, and too a much lesser extent. Simple Install, may require PB Blaster.

None in my opinion.

Final verdict:
Very good mod. Well worth the money and time. I recommend this to EVERYONE with a 6thgen. Makes for a much better handling and safer car.


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Mar 24, 2009
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Brand & model:Tokico HP Shocks(Blues)
Price paid and from where:$300 Shipped From eBay,cant remember the seller name.
Pros:Better than OEM.
Cons:Kinda Soft when paired with Lowering Springs,but like most ppl say it isnt really meant for lowering springs.
Final verdict:Love it,cant really complain bout this setup.

Brand & Model: Ksport GT Lowering Springs
Priced Paid and from where: $154 Shipped from eBay from a seller called StreetRays.item was shipped same day and i got it the next day cuz hes a TX seller
Pros: Really good quality springs and give u a god drop.
Cons: None at all
Final Verdit: I absolutely love them and will recomend to anybody wanting lowering springs,Gives u a good amount of drop F 2.25 R 2.5 cuz all i had was 1 finger gaps on 235 45ZR 17 tires and none on 235 45R 17 tires.

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Oct 22, 2008
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Brand & model: Function Form Type 1
Price paid and from where: $600-ebay
Pros: great price for coilovers, great height adjustability, not too stiff but stiff enough for spirited driving
Cons: no dampening adjustment
Final verdict: they are awesome, would recommend to anyone.

Brand & model: Ksport gt lowing springs
Price Paid and from where: forget $, from import replacement parts
Pros: great drop 2.5f/2.25r
Cons: none really, need a pretty good damper
Final verdict: loved them only reason i got coilovers was to go lower. great springs

Brand & model: tokico illumina damper
Price Paid and from where: forget $, new from ebay
Pros: damper adjustability provide great rebound
Cons: none
Final verdict: they are a great stut, had them paired with ksport gt lowering springs. drove and handled great.

Brand & model: neuspeed front strut bar
Price Paid and from where: forget, from andys autosport
Pros: great strong one piece design
Cons: none
Final verdict: design is great and made a noticeable difference in body roll

Brand & model: progress 24mm rear sway bar
Price Paid and from where: forget $, new from ebay
Pros: 24mm bar greatly reduces body roll
Cons: none
Final verdict: love it. greatly reduces body roll and stiffins up the suspension. great upgrade over the stock 16mm bar

Brand & model: megan racing rear camber kit
Price Paid and from where: 115 direct from megan racing
Pros: good quality, easy and good adjustability range
Cons: none
Final verdict: good product. did what wanted it too.


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Mar 31, 2009
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Northern California
Brand & model: AMR Coilovers 8k/6k set-up

Price paid & from where: $985 shipped from Andy @ AMR Engineering

Pros: Comfortable, improve handling, improve appearance, high quality hardware and components, lifetime warranty, post purchase support,

Cons: None so far.

(I'll continually update the pro's and con's list as I accumulate more miles on the coilovers)

Final verdict: First off let me say, I adore my car. She's my daily driver so I need her to be dependable and reliable day in and day out. So when I buy modification, I do a ton of research and I usually spend a little more for quality, reliable, tried and true parts.

Before deciding to go with AMR's, I did a ton of research online. I read though countless pages from various message boards across the web, trying to find one bad experience, one bad customer. I couldn't. What I kept hearing over and over again was Andy's superb customer service, how he takes care of his customers' needs, how he truly stands by his product, and how Andy is an enthusiast, just like us. What sold me over was reading about how some of Andy's customers actually track and rally with their AMR's. If Andy's coils can handle the abuse on the track, it's definitely good enough for me.

I'd highly recommend AMR coilovers to anyone that's looking for quality, reliability, customizable, after purchase support, lifetime warranty, tried and true engineering, etc. the list goes on and on.

(sorry no pics yet because my car is dirty, lol)
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