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  • Hey man working on 99 accord auto to manual swap. The big connector in engine bay. I took all the electric tape and wire cover off. But I don’t see a grey wire on the plug. Any help would be appreciated
    Hey just curious witch obd1 computer ya using? And did ya have to do any electrical mods to make gauges work?
    Friend my car was missing I have a problem .. not changed the ECU .. I keep cutting at 5000 rpm. My car was automatic i did it manual .. I do not know what to do, I do not know why it cuts at 5000 rpm ..accord 99 exr
    HI, Im doing a obd1 and manual swap do you have a write up on the wiring you did for this? Thanks
    Help, I read the article for auto to 5 speed. I have a problem with the wiring. What are the colors on the other side of the plug to the transmission.
    I read that you might be able to help get my temp gauge working. I swapped in an F20b in my 2000 coupe w/P28 & H22 basemap (currently) and it runs well. I did the IACV conversion but I'm stuck on the temp gauge. Also thinking the ECT system is possibly affecting my idle. (??) Any advise would be much appreciated.
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