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  • I'm from mn my self and I just got a f23a1 and a chord and wanna turbo it why would I need for everything I got bone stock and no clue on imports
    which shop in the cities did your work? I'm in MN too and am looking for a shop to build a motor if I don't attempt to myself when I find one at a junk yard.
    Hey man whT up. NAND if Jeffrey and just wanted to ask you when you rebuild your engine did you had the blo k resleeve or are you still running the stock sleeve. Also in you picture that you have on your profile I see that you have a block guard around the sleeve. If it a blCk guard whT company make it and where can I buy one?
    Thank in advance for the help.
    hey man i see that your engine is built to the t just curious where did you get your map sensor since im using the stock one and i cant go over 7psi and did you have to mod anything to get it to work? im using emanage as my fuel management. i dont know if you would know but if i just get pistons n rods do i need to get sleeves? im not aiming as high as you but how high do you think i could get?
    hey man im new to this website, could you please explain to me how to post a forum? thanks
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