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  • Im new to this so how do we do this for the mugen lip i'll pay shipping!!!!!!!!!1where r u located?
    hey i was wondering what size tires you are running on your 17x9s, im thinking about picking up a set of rims that are 17x8 +35 all around, what would i need to do to run them?
    whats up dude this is kriss, het we should start a 6th gen car club if u don;t have one already, let me know
    het whats up dude this is kriss i met u the other day and you gave me this website, do you guys have a car club cuz i would like to join one.
    hey man what are the dimensions on your wheels and are they staggered? I am thinking about getting ones similar but they are 17x7.5/9 and i was wondering if i would need to roll my fenders or not. thanks
    aight if you still have it by this friday ill take it of your hands. Hey another question do you know where i can get polished cc knobs?
    Sweet Accord man, where can I get a front end lip kit like that, and what kind is it. Also I've been looking at different clear headlights, and I like the ones you have. Help me out, I just got my Accord, I'm still stock...
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