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  • It appears you are the one to talk to about f&f coilovers. What are prices looking like right now for the type 1 and 2?

    Hello, do you have an extra spanner wrench or know where to get one? Thieves stole mine a long with my tools. Let me know, thanks! I know I can do it with a flat head screw driver and a mallet but I'd like to go this route first.

    Hey, I was told you were the one to talk to about F2 coil overs, I was thinking about getting some and noticed the sale thread, and was just wondering about shipping to Canada, is it extra or same price? Thnx! :)
    hey Bro. I just want to know if you could give me some info on what i need to do to get the 5lug conversion done?
    hey man could you give me an idea for the price itd be to take my car to you and get a bisimoto cam? i have a stock motor so idk which would be the best but i trust ur expertise!
    Thanks alot,
    Hey NASOHC,
    I was looking for a suspension upgrade and was about to bite on Ground Controls + Tokico illumina on ebay for about $720 after bing cashback.

    But then I saw the F2 Coilovers thread but I missed it but the last post was that there were some Xmas sales. Can I get some pricings on those coilovers?

    Also I'm not gonna drive my car super aggressive. It's a daily driver and I was going to upgrade my wheels so I was looking for something to lower and I liked how the GC/Ti combo had a lot of adjustibility to play around with. Would you recommend I just save my money and get the cheaper setup? Thanks
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