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    About to do oil pan! Gasket or hondabond

    gasket maker FTW (hondabond/permatex) all works great
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    YIKES!--What would cause this??

    what brand/model of tire was this?
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    Cel p1259

    that worked for me as well. 99 Accord LX 4cyl cleaned out with brake cleaner and slapped it back on with a new gasket which had like a filter/screen on it and i havent had a problem since.
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    FS: 98 Sedan MT 4 cyl partout

    manual swap parts available for sale?
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    Transmission starting to go...slipping...

    that's awesome. and they have one for the 4cy auto. i might want to try this seeing i have 2 of these cars. too bad i didnt find this before i did the rear main on one of them. thanks for sharing.
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    Need help with radio wiring!!

    just buy it on ebay. put in your model # and add harness and you will find a bunch. should be under $10 for the harness.
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    Repair Info and Wiring Diagrams (any car)

    anyone else having problems with this? i keep getting a error message when i select the car.
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    replaced my thermostat, lower radiator hose, heater hose, front engine mount, and radiator cap. all OE parts except the hoses which i got from worldpac wayyy cheaper than OE price. the thermostat housing was so crusty so i did my best at dremel'ing off all the crust i can get.
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    FS: Euro R Wheels

    id take those wheels but gotta go 5 lug first =(
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    FS: RSX Steering Wheel

    i know this is a f/s thread but i have to ask i have a stock s2000 AP1 (2003) steering wheel. will it fit my 01 accord lx sedan? i noticed you guys talking about different stage air bag systems. dont really care for the air bag. my other cars have aftermarket steering wheels that delete the...
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    car overheating

    What car do you have? why can't the dealership get it for you?
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    Quick question about the ulev dizzy

    i believe HITACHI is the OE manufacturer YEC not tec is the aftermarket OE replacement part manufacturer.
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    August/Sept Winner : xpieceofcralpx

    what is the front end conversion? is that a coupe bumper on a sedan? can i get more details on this conversion? i have 2 6th gen sedans that i've been wanting to spruce up a bit.
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    FS: Sold: OEM Stanley Headlights

    Re: OEM Stanley Headlights let me see if i can figure out a projector retrofit kit for this.
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    HID Kit

    +1 for my DDM kits that have been in multiple cars i've owned and never failed. and for those who have had them fail, they replace them without charge. (atleast for us locals)