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  • the only one I know about is the forum meet in the summer that's in Jersey. i'd love to see some nice 6th gens. and i'd definately be down to go to some.
    haha yea man i kno.. u wouldnt happen to kno of any meets around would u... with lik some 6th gens or sumthin
    damn bro sorry to hear that. =( But since u get out about the same time we should hang out or something. haha school doesn't start til like 21st we have like almost 2 more weeks haha.
    damn man. I hope u did ok then. But I did very well. Got a 3.7gpa. But next semester looks crazy hard! : / What's ur next semester like? i'll be out by like 12:30 everyday. lol
    nice im a fan of the cai myself but its not for everyone.. but my semester wasnt to bad although i missed my criminal justice final so that proly ****ed me hbu?
    nice! Mine is still stock besides the rsx rims and muffler tips. lol but im looking into getting a sri for it soon. So how did ur semster go bro?
    notta man.. and my name is forrest. i got a aem cold air apexi mufflers :(, diy blacked out headlights, blacked out taillights, dropped and i got wheels off an s2000 painted black but there not on now cuz the rear tires are bald. hbu?
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