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    SOLD UPDATE :08/09/14 Simkid5614's 00' Accord SE "Garnet" (56k No Way!!)

    Re: UPDATE :5/4/2013 Simkid5614's 00' Accord SE "Garnet" (56k No Way!!) CLOSE. SOLD. I did finally get some more mods done though.
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    how can i tell if i have keyless entry???

    My SE 2000 has it. Test by Locking the car by pushing the knob. Close door sit inside, Pull knob and open. If It goes off, Insert key into door and turn to disable alarm.
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    rear drum-> disc swap prop valv ?

    I did drum to disc and left the prop valve alone as I already had ABS, I can lock all four tires and trigger ABS If I want to. I did slotted/drilled in the rear, and Under heavy braking the rear brakes ACTUALLY do something.
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    Climate Control Bulbs

    or use colored incandescent from autolumination. They refract like stock.
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    how to turn on anti-theft alarm on 2000 honda accord.

    Trunk, hood, and all four doors must be latched for it to honk. The trunk being closed sometimes doesnt trigger the pin. Check to see if thats it.
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    New speakers for 2002 Accord Coupe SE

    I used Kicker componenets for the front. they were 149.99 and Kicker 6x9 in the rear at 99.99 Direct drop in. The doors. Drilled and cut the panels with a dremel, The...
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    How to fix your SRS light caused by driver seatbelt buckle

    Mine was covered. They will warn you about the DIAGNOSTIC fee, but if the belt happens to be the issue it's covered for Free, My 2000 was done last year when i bought it. I would reset the SRS light, unclip my seatbelt and it would come back on. So, Reset the SRS and do your own troubleshooting...
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    A Good HID kit??

    Morimoto. TRS is always looking for way to improve their products. They make slimmer faster igniting ballasts. They admit when they messup and they own the mistakes by taking care of their customers. They have some of the best aftermarket bulbs in terms of quality, ACCURATE color and...
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    Jdm honda remote 4 button flip key fob

    Even swapping in the chip in the key and gluing into the housing wont work?
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    I used V-Leds switchbacks. But the Red is Red. It's the camera. Distribution is spot on and the LED's are certainly bright enough. The camera picks up the needles as stock orange but they are red too.
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    Got backed into!!!!!

    It looks like you might try a PDR special ist. I had to space it. It doesn't like C i4li5
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    I got to the point of always using SBL now.
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    Triton V3 LEDs *Updated With Pics* - Tail Lights - Review And Install

    Take night time pics. without brake pressed.
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    DIY - Morimoto Mini H1 projectors Retrofit

    When I went thru Delawares inspections, Passed smog, then went for safety test. Had my halogen highs hooked up. He *****ed more about my white/amber switchbacks and almost didnt pass me for that. and I'm stock height, no exhaust, just my retro. and wtf.
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    How much would this be to fix?

    The only thing that can be saved about the rear qrtr panel is to pop the dents out. they won't replace it, If they even decide to, it's be totaled kist for the welding work, the bondo, and grinding. the door is easy to find at a JY. Maybe. 1200 with qrtr panel work. **** the panel and maybe 800...