Top Speed and 0-60 1998 Accord V6


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Jan 10, 2007
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Hahaha :rofl: So f*cking stupiddd!!!!! hahahahaha. But so awesome. Not completely the 104 octane idea (though that too), as much as the way it got portrayed. Props.


Feb 16, 2012
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As for the bolded... it's the button next to the one that says "quote" that has """ and a "+" sign... that never clicked in your head as a possibility? God, I never thought i'd have to put a quotation mark in quotation marks... congrats kid you've taught me i need to lower my expectations of todays teens another notch.

I tried the multiple quote button but I had trouble getting it to work properly. I would like to get better at it but the only way I know is trial and error. And on this forum, like most, there isn't a lot of people that want to be helpful but instead there is a lot of people being insulting and talking of their superiority for knowing something you do not. And guess what, I'm starting to get better with this quote thing slowly but surely. thanks for the encouragement. I want to call you something nasty but my mommy taught me better lol. But ya, Stop being an a-hole.

As for you're argument on "Racing a 4 cylinder is pointless when you could be racing a 4 cylinder turbo". The operative statement there is the italicized and underlined words "when you could be". Your argument becomes null and void the second you are faced with the option of having the same two cars in front of you. One is N/A and the other Boosted, AND you have to choose the one that you think most likely to win a race. You have first pick, the other driver takes the other car. So go ahead genius, take your N/A 4 cyl, then race the other guy in the boosted one and tell me it's not pointless. Think about it kid.

You are really searching for something to insult me with here. I never in any way stated that a turbo would be beat by a N/A. Turbo is designed to capture more power out of the engine. You created a scenario where there is two cars exactly the same except one is turbo, and are acting like that is exactly what I was talking about. But even then, even if it is turbo vs non, same exact cars. it isn't pointless, if the guy in the N/A is a good enough racer he could beat the guy in the turbo. Unless your talking about drag-racing which is all about tuning and performance. Who are you calling kid? punk. :poke:

On to my next point..

You are either extremely naive, or terribly misinformed. Or, come to think of it, both.

A: Noone is talking about a "cruise". You just pulled that out of your *** for the sake off adding another pointless word to the clusterf*ck of opinions you are claiming to be facts due to you're apparent lack of any relevant knowledge on this subject.

Well, I apologize that I couldn't find whatever word you consider to be the right one. When I said: "Having manual control of the clutch doesn't make the difference between a race and a cruise IMO" I was talking about how the fact you are driving an auto doesn't mean you can't drive fast and race around in the thing. It doesn't mean you can only go out for a cruise. I don't know what word to use to describe driving along at a calm slower pace with slow acceleration and deceleration, so I chose cruising. The rest is just you trying to insult me... not pleasant.

B: Back to the "two of the same cars side by side" scenario from the previous session of attempted mechanical enlightenment. Take two of the same cars, one auto, and one manual. You drive the auto, and the other drive the manual. assuming the driver of the manual has known how to drive manual for more than a week you are 98% likely to lose (percentage completely made up but those following me understand). It's more than a feeling, a manual trans DOES give the driver complete control over his/her full powerband because he/she makes the decision when to shift and how long to stay in it. in an auto you do not have that same control, hence, "automatic".

It was never two of the same cars side by side. You assume too much. It was about the 6th gen Accord remember? People started talking about the fact that apparently the I4 with 5-speed manual has a better or nearly identical 0-60 time as the V6 auto. I think this is because:
1)lighter transmission.
2)5 gears keeping you in a good power band for longer than 4.
3)The auto tranny gearing ratios were designed with fuel economy in mind over performance.
I also want to inform you that many automatics allow you to choose your gear. In my auto V6 for example I can go into D3 which blocks out the forth gear or into 2nd or 1st manually. In essence this allows you to downshift manually but only upshift automatically when you reach a high enough RPM except 2nd which you can upshift to if you really want to. I'm sure you know this but you talk like you don't. And many newer cars of the past decade come with "manual mode" which gives you even more control over what gear you are in.

You wanna do some research? Sign off of here and get you and your friends together for a track day. Then take turns driving each others cars down the strip, and learn what each one is capable of doing instead of asking useless questions and blabbering on about driving unsafely down public highways.

I'm sorry if my driving stories offend you so much. I certainly don't think of myself as an unsafe driver... But you weren't there to witness so I guess it easy to assume the worst. I'd like to think if you were driving a car nearby that you would not be quite so angry at least. Because I never even passed 140 during those times I would always let off the gas even if the other car didn't. Don't really care if they win the "race" because I am merely enjoying the thrill of having two cars with the pedal down seeing what they can do and comparing. If it is at all crowded on the highway I would never even do that though.
You're completely right that I should be doing that kind of thing on a track.. But honestly I don't know know where there is one in my area or how I would go about getting in, the cost, or requirements. But it is interesting and I guess I should look it up.

You say I have no relevant knowledge... and I don't claim to be an expert but I do understand quite a bit and I try hard to avoid assumptions. So people can take what I say and my opinion as they will. But at least I don't talk a bunch of crap assuming I know everything like plenty of ppl on the net do.
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