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    Bout to remove way to support motor?

    Been a long ass time since I've posted . Car has been sitting for close to a year.. Replacing auto trans on 4cyl with second JdM trans. First replacement lasted about 50k miles. Been so long since I've done this, couldnt remember best way to support motor.. I have access to engine hoist if...
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    Anyone replaced thier Rack and Pinion?

    Finally getting around to replacing a worn rack and pinion steering after procrastinating about 6 months. The directions state that you need to have the steering wheel pointed straight and locked. Problem is, I can only get it to lock in the 9 o'clock and 2:30 positions. It also wants you to...
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    Key fob wont open trunk 99 sedan

    Ive been wanting to fix my trunk latch that only opens from the inside pull latch. I thought it was going to be the trunk actuator. Bought a brand new Honda factory replacement, installed, and still nothing doing. Replaced key fob with a brand new battery (Cr2025). All lights on key fob...
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    Transmission Finally Gone....

    Last summer I picked up a "low mileage" Jdm 4cyl auto trans for $450 and installed myself. I was a bit skeptical at first. But I was very pleased at how nicely it shifts. After one year, no issues. There were two sensors on the back of transmission that were 3 pins vs the 2 pin on USDM trans...
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    Anyone have a spare distributor off their 4cyl?

    Yeah, the pin goes on just as it was shown in the picture. I will try to post a picture in tonight.
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    Another Koni question

    I am replacing the blown Tokico blues on my front suspension with koni yellows on the lowest perch setting paired with Tein S-Tech (2" drop). After I got the strut assembly together I noticed how loosely the springs fit. There is essentially no preload. You can freely twist the spring and...
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    Koni Yellow unboxing

    Is this little black piece just packaging to protect the shock? I don't see any other use for it. Its pictured in the DIY write up but its not mentioned.
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    Anyone have a spare distributor off their 4cyl?

    Appreciate that feedback. You saved me a huge headache. Fixed one leak. Found Another. This time Vtec solenoid gasket. Hopefully I will have a dry motor after this.
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    Anyone have a spare distributor off their 4cyl?

    I was installing a new distributor shaft seal to replace a badly leaking one. The marks I put on the bottom of the distributor base wore off from handling it as I was pressing out the pin at the base. I should have used punch marks in hindsight. I need to find the correct orientation when...
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    604Accords 2001 Odyssey

    I just lowered a buddy's 03 odyssey a few backs ago. Its sitting on Largus coilovers straight from Japan off Ebay. I like what you have done with the interior lighting and entertainment system.
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    Torque convertor installation to driveplate

    Working on installing "new to me" auto 4cyl trans this weekend. Upon removal i marked relationship of the TC to driveplate. Since I am installing a new torque convertor now there is no reference mark. The Haynes manual says it is to maintain the static balance of torque convertor. The bolt...
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    Helicoil thread repair

    Tanks for the help. Went to Advance auto bought the kit for $30. Took maybe 5min to fix.
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    Helicoil thread repair

    Today, I replaced the Vtec selenoid gasket on my 4cyl. I lossened the top left bolt on the selenoid the rotate the bracket so i could get to the bottom bolts that fasten to the head. So, after I finished up getting that back on I went to tighten the top, bolt as i only lossened it a couple...
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Picked up a used jdm 4cyl auto for $450. Comes with a 90 day warranty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Loud noise coming from Evap system

    I started noticing this loud mechanical noise coming from what i thought was the Evap canister. At first i thought it was an exhaust leak. Doesn't throw a check engine light, but this sound is new and I'm not sure what it is. Any help is appreciated. Link to video...