SykVSyx - and so it begins....


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Jan 6, 2007
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Tee Dot Ohh
wow, it's complete. how do you feel? you must feel the urge to drive her alot now. lol.

congratulations on the swap!

I wouldn't say complete, but it's getting there. I missed my car......ALOT! I enjoy driving it, but still need to take care of a few things to get it just right.

Like you, there are more plans for the engine(although not quite the same plans!), so, it should make the car even more fun to drive.

Thanks. Going to pm you about some stuff as well.

I heard i missed the un-veiling last night. Need pics of swap!

Hey Jonas, was disappointed I didn't get to see you or Millz there, but hopefully you guys enjoyed the family dinners!

It was DJ's fault, he asked me to open the hood, I didn't even park with the rest of them! lol

Pics of the engine bay as soon as I finish some things up.