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Apr 29, 2008
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alright guys......enough

whiteacccord: on the board at the moment, you maybe the quickest auto i4.... but does it really matter? i know a few ppl tht have turbod their autos and then upgraded to other things.

jason, just let it go man. its not worth throwing up flags over this stupid arguing

just cool down.....

Im just saying the guy just goes off, and what not. I had respect for the guy for working on an N/A project for the F23, but he started flaming me, had to retaliate. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding but my first comment I was just playing around. Just wanted to tell him to cool down and he dosent have to "flex".

Not trying to bash you badger or whatever, there maybe people who turbo their autos and what not and have higher numbers, but the point that they do something about that and show/prove that their car is quick is a different matter.

How come everyone likes to 'flex' when people are posting their dyno runs.....:thinking:

If there are so many 'Fast n Furious 4's' :lawl:, how come more of you don't share your dyno info.........:coffee:

Not flexing, but my dyno...


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Sep 13, 2006
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SC2JZ300 - I think you need to re-evaluate what you're saying and who's thread this is. You seem to have a lack of respect for other members on here and for no reason. You're a human being, like everyone else here.

Additionally, this dyno sheet was not with AFAccord's new head, he had clearance issues which he clearly stated with his first post in this thread.

On a perspective of materialism, specifically on the subject of cars, you have nothing to be boasting about. It's that simple.

You had your own thread dedicated to your dyno numbers - this is another example of you having a lack of respect for other members on 6thgen by directing the attention off of AFAccord's thread.
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Jan 18, 2007
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Spangdahlem, Germany
For SC2JZ300/whiteaccord, I'd like to address your comments in a more modest manner.

All motor youll kill me? Your the one that stayed even with Charlie, and me VS. Charlie i killed him with car lengths. Of course, you would beat me with your mods plus nitrous. DURH.

A lot of talk for someone who can barely pull on a V6 with bolt ons, and once you break 14's than ill come to you, and than well talk. But for now, :squintfinger:.

Yes. I can say with most certainty that NA vs NA, I'd beat you. Spray on spray, I'd probably still beat you. We're comparing the same platform here, so I'm making these assumptions based on numbers, which in either case would not be in your favor.

I'm assuming the only way you could pull on Charlie's Accord is with spray, so yes, NA vs spray, you 'd probably beat me by a car length or two.

No one mentioned that Charlie and I had cars full of luggage and passengers. I had one passenger, along with 50+lbs of car parts, computer and photo gear, and four days luggage for two people. I know Charlie had two other passengers, and probably some more excess weight in his car as well.

I will refer you back to your own words on the comparison of you vs Charlie:

SC2JZ300 said:
BTW Car was semi gutted( No rear Seats, No passenger seats all for you Charlie(csmiths98AV6))

SC2JZ300 Vs. csmiths98AV6 (I/H/E/P with Unichip)

First Pull: 45 Roll, Pulled a fender through second gear, by third gear up to 120 pulled 1 and 1/2 car. Shutdown somwhere about 125ish.

Second Pul: 55ish Roll, Went through second with half a car, went through third with about 2 cars. Shutdown somewhere about 115 ish.

Furthermore, Charlie and I started with a 10-15mph roll, and shutdown around 80-85mph IIRC, and at that point it was becoming obvious that my gearing was gaining me the advantage. Charlie, please correct me if I'm wrong.

14's will come soon enough for me, but I won't be using spray to get there.

SC2JZ300 said:
LOL, you see thats whats funny though, you think with all that head work yieled you with impressive numers. What would be impressive is you would even break 14's. Than I would be impressed.

I KNOW the headwork yielded impressive numbers, but you're not looking at my dyno after headwork. :doh:

SC2JZ300 said:
And for me being the quickest I4 auto, I am the quickest. Prove me wrong and ill bow down to you.

I don't want you to bow down to me. I just want you to be more open minded and understand that you're not the only I4 auto running 14's or better, not even on this forum. I'm pretty sure there are past members, and even a new member or two on here that can make faster passes than you in that category.

Great numbers, if only teh V6 had that much torque.......:sad:

I think Charlie's car made 170ish torque and 190ish hp. :thumbsup:

my old is in the sig........emphasis on old

So, ugh... when are you getting that updated?? :coffee:

bottles are for babies. go big or go home.


nice numbers bro

I think my opinion on that has been covered more than enough.

I will say this though, AFA opens his exhaust a lil more hes gonna make alot more power!

According to my tuner, it's the stock cam that's limiting the motor now. I'm sure opening the exhaust up will free up some more power, but at this point it's the stock cam and TB that can't bring in much more air. Nothing a 68mm TB, port matched/polished IM and Velocity stack won't fix. :)

Much respect to you AFA.

Anyone can slap on nitrous and call it a day..



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Jan 6, 2007
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Tee Dot Ohh
So, AFAccord,

If I am to understand your last post, in essence, what you are indeed saying to some of the 'naysayer's' if you will, is:

You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting