Official 6GA DIY Master List


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Dec 16, 2005
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THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!!!! If yours or something you want up here, please PM me and i will add it. I would like to keep this as clean of a thread as possible

Honda Badging Removal
Front Bumper Removal
Black Chrome Emblems
Cheap License Plate Relocator
Cheap Flipped Trunk Look
Wiper Blade Arm Fix
Removing Tint
Rear Bumper Tab Relocation v.1
Rear Bumper Tab Relocation v.2
Plasti-dip chrome window trim
Side Mirror Removal + Base Repaint
Heated/Power Folding Side Mirrors (Rough guide, not a DIY)
Side Mirror Glass Removal/Install
Painting/colormatching the coupe rear side marker bezel
Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement
Gas tank replacement
Coupe heated/manual folding side mirrors

Exterior Lighting
Headlight Haze Removal
uneven taillight fix
painting third brake light
How To Taillight Tint
Brake Light Change
Civic 2001-2003 Fog Lights Install DIY #1 DIY #2
Sidemarker Install
Making TSX retrofit Headlights
Headlight Bulb Replacement
Blackhousing Headlights
CCFL Headlight Install
Morimoto Mini H1 projectors Retrofit
Cross wiring Foglights and Parkinglights
EG Sidemarker Install
Coupe Tail Light Running Light/Turn Signal Mod
Puddle Lights - Door handle
Puddle Lights - Side mirror
Trunk LED Lighting

5-Lug swap and Rear Disc Swap
Ingalls Front Camber Kit front
Boat Look Remedy
Spring/Strut Install
Sedan rear strut replacement
Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushing Install
Acura Rear Swaybar Install
Install of New Rims
Strut Bar Install
Alloy Rim Repair
O4-07 Acura TL Manual Trans rear swaybar install
Rear Camber Kit
DIY Toe Lock Out Kit
Strut bar refinishing

Stainless Steel Brake Line Install
Brake Bleeding
Changing Brake Pads
Changing Brake Rotors
E-brake adjustment
Fix for 'brakelamp warning light' illuminating when using LED brakelight bulbs
Rebuilding [Brembo] calipers and installation

Interior LEDs
LED swap in gauge cluster
Cluster swap/Temp needle fix
Reverse Glow Gauges
Painting interior pieces
Aftermarket Pedal Install
Interior A/C filter Change
Short Shift Adapter Install
Cutting OEM Manual Shifter
cheap short shifter
Acura MDX Leather Steering Wheel Install
Cloth Wrapped Interior Pieces
Leather wrapped interior pieces
Carbon Fiber Overlay
Quick Release Steering Wheel Install
Accord Foglight Switch on Civic Wiring
Viper Alarm
Power Outlet Replacement
Auto to Look Like a Manual
Troubleshooting Alarm Codes
RSX Steering Wheel Install
Adjusting Clutch Engagement Point
PSPEC/JTC short shifter install
RSX seats install
Window Regulator Replacement
Door panel/side mirror removal
Manual to leather/heated seat conversion (CAN)
TL/CL/Prelude shifter swap
USB Charging Port Install
OEM Manual Leather Seat Swap
Climate control LED conversion
Climate control light film removal
Changing driver seat cover
CL1 Euro-R Recaro Seat Install in Sedan
Steering wheel installation procedure
Window regulator and glass run channel replacement

F23 Engine Maintenance and Modifications
How To Seafoam
DIY Cleaning your IACV
Distributor Removal/Install
Spark Plug and Wires Install
Changing spark plugs, wires, cap, & rotor
F23 Oil and Filter Change
F23 Auto Transmission Fluid Change
F23 MT Transmission Fluid Change
Coolant Drain
F23 Valve Adjustment
Engine Bay easy cleaning
Valve Cover removal and install
Valve cover gasket change
F23 Timing Belt Replacement Video
Ignition Switch Replacement
Main Relay Repair
Big Three Wiring Upgrade
F23 AEM Cold Air Intake Install
Modified OEM Intake
Make your own Catch Can
F23 Greddy SP Catback Exhaust Install
F23 Header Install
AEM Tru-Pulley Install
Painting the Valve Cover
Polyurethane insert install
Air Conditioning removal
Manual Swap Parts List
Automatic - Manual Transmission Swap
F23 Starter Removal
VTEC & Speedo Wiring for 5Spd Swap
Cleaning the EGR
Automatic Transmission Cooler
G23 Parts List
Throttle Body Coolant Bypass
Throttle Body Cleaning
5MT slave cylinder replacement
Intake heat shield
5MT clutch replacement
Hood dampers/struts installation

J30 Engine Maintenance and Modifications
How To Seafoam
Coolant Drain
Engine Bay easy cleaning
Ignition Switch Replacement
Main Relay Repair
Big Three Wiring Upgrade
Modified OEM Intake
Make your own Catch Can
J30 Battery Relocation
Polyurethane insert install
CL-S Battery Tray & Cover for F23
Tranmission Cooler/Filter Install
V6 Odyssey Alternator Upgrade
6 Speed Manual Swap Guide
Throttle Body Cleaning
Power steering hose replacement
Intake heat shield
2003-07 AV6 aluminum radiator

Aftermarket Radio Install
front door speakers
Sound deadening door panels + linings, and rear speaker deck

Codes and Testing
scs/srs reset
Check Engine Light Code and reset
DIY Static Compression Testing
ESM Manual
Helms Manuals

Air/Fuel Gauge Install
VTEC Indicator Light
voltmeter install
Water Temp Gauge Install
Custom Gauge Faces

Honda Genuine Accessories Installation Instructions

Door Edge Guards - 2dr
Door Edge Guards - 4dr
Body Side Molding
Fender Well Trim
Splash Guards
Half Nose Mask
Full Nose Mask - 2dr
Full Nose Mask - 4dr
Exhaust Trim
Trunk Molding
Rear Wing Spoiler - 2dr
Rear Wing Spoiler - 4dr
Security System - not for EX
Keyless Entry for LX
Remote Programming
Shift Knob - MT
HVAC/Audio Trim
Console/Door Trim
Foglights for i4 - 2dr
Foglights for V6 - 2dr
Foglights for i4 - 4dr
Foglights for V6 - 4dr


Evap Canister Change
2010 Accord horn swap
Installing a rear view camera
Switchblade key conversion
How to wire RV6 harness for J32 + 6spd swap

If you go to use a DIY and find that the links are broken or photos have disappeared, please post in this thread and other members and/or staff can take a look at making the DIY usable again. OR be the pioneer and help recreate it by doing a new one yourself...that's how we got all these compiled in the first place. Thank you.

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Dec 16, 2005
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i do need yalls help though,

if you do any install, whether its an ebay intake or a supercharger, the more DIY there are, the more this list can grow


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Sep 7, 2005
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You can put my 5-lug/rear disc up there. I'll have one for a cam install here in a few weeks.